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This first question you need to answer is this, “why are we holding an event?”  Are you wanting to just tick a box by having any motivational speaker? Or do you have a specific purpose?

Annual team conferences, business conventions and leadership retreats are common amongst Fortune 5000, fast growth and forward thinking groups.  

We understand that this is a significant investment.  There are a lot of moving parts.  And having a top motivational speaker can make all the difference to ensure your investment has the best return of investment possible.

Don’t leave hiring a top motivational speaker to the end.

Don’t over spend on lunch and venue, then leave what is critical down to a decision of budget.

Norman Collins famously said, “Good work ain’t cheap. Cheap work ain’t good.”

Have an event that is on purpose and with purpose.

Your audience deserve the best.  Give them the best.  Give them Kevin Abdulrahman.

I’m glad you hired Kevin Abdulrahman

Thank you for hiring Kevin Abdulrahman

We loved Kevin Abdulrahman 

These are three of the most common feedbacks those who have hired me receive, from their people.

Needless to say that’s why 80 percent of our work is return business from clients who call me to deliver a motivational business keynote suited for their occasion

Listen, your people have attended and endured enough boring sessions by way of meetings, trainings and annual events.

It’s go unsaid. By I know it, they know it, and so do you. 

Would you like to work with a motivational speaker who can help engage, empower and give your people an experience to remember?

I’ve been doing this for nearly two decades.  Helping the people of forward thinking, fast growth and Fortune 500 companies become an Unstoppable Force.

I don’t want you to just take my word for it 

Top Motivational Speaker 2017 from a list of 1300 professionals speakers and thought leaders.


Rockstar Motivational Speaker

I’ve done thousands of events. And for each one, I’ve guaranteed and continue to guarantee the success of my segments.

Let me get a bit personal with you.

Think of the time when the fire inside of you burned  bigger and brighter than the fire around you.  It might have been chaotic. It could have been all against you. But you pushed through like a bulldozer, without giving it much thought.

Think of the time when you weren’t feeling your best. And then someone said something. It could have been a parent, friend or even a stranger. It could have been said in passing. It could have been a quote. It could have been intense. It could have been simple.  But one thing is for sure, it changed the trajectory of your life.  Do you remember what was said? Can you see how it’s impacted your life so far beyond measure?

My name is Kevin Abdulrahman and I hope that we get the opportunity to work together. As a leading motivational speaker who speaks quite often (sometimes up to three events in a given day) to Fortune 500, fast growth and forward thinking companies, I would like to remind you of something you already know.

Inspiration is priceless.

A mind once stretched in its way of thinking, can never go back to it’s original state.

And nothing, absolutely nothing can stop individuals and teams that have vision and purpose.

When we get inspired, we can move mountains. When we are reminded and have our inner flames ignites, we start what can be an unstoppable fire.

I’ve experienced it. 

You’ve experienced it.

And when I’m speaking in front of audiences all over the world and from every industry imaginable, my only aim is to help them experience it.

Just imagine, how different could your group look like with members that are inspired?

What could your fired up team look like?

What would it mean if we can turn your people into an u stoppable force? Bulldozers who will stop at nothing to get to the group’s vision?

Now that I’ve said all this, the question becomes, how?

Well, that’s what I do. 


Kevin Abdulrahman With Sime Darby 


Kevin Abdulrahman with Air Arabia 

Whether it’s managing a crisis, bringing the team together, getting a buy-in towards a vision, rallying the troops to post a record year, skilling the sales people to become money machines, inspiring great leadership from within the teams and having more people rise up to the challenge, I’ve faced every situation and together with my clients. 

I’m told about the agenda. We discuss outcome. I get working. We accomplish.

I do this across five continents, hence the joke when asked the question, where do you live?   The answer is pure honesty- on stage, or on a plane heading to a stage.

I’m the guy you call when you want your people to have the kinda fire inside of them that nothing can stop them.

I’m that motivational speaker who turns individuals and teams into unstoppable machines

I’m that motivational speaker whom your audience will actually connect with and recall the message for years to come.

More importantly, I’m the guy who can help you achieve results. 

Enough about me. You get the point.

Let’s talk about your event.

How can I help you have a Box Office Hit?

Allow me to work with your audience and have them Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!

Video suggestions to include 

Kevin real talk decision makers

Rockstar motivational speaker 

Motivational speaker 26000 dollars for 7minutes


Hire Kevin Abdulrahman to speak for your company event, convention or conference.


Kevin Abdulrahman is on a mission to provide you with valuable insights into how you can win at life. Download his free eBook “What Ever You’re Into” which will help you start Winning at Everything you do!

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