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When a reporter sits down at the typewriter, said Theodore White, he’s nobody’s friend.

Every group or brand faces the media. Some sooner than others. Some more often than others.

There is no mistaking. The media is unforgiving. Get it right, and they will love and use you for sound bites. Get it wrong, and they will milk it for every drop of rating they can gather.

Understand that every time you or a spokesperson gets in front of the press, your brand (and everything you have built) is on the line.  Every time.

Media training is not something you do when the need arises.  By then, you are chasing your tail like a headless chicken and you’ve lost the game.  Smart companies prepare, strategize, train and get armed right away.  Before the need ever arises.  

From there, they don’t just get ready, they stay ready.


If you’re in a hole, stop digging.

Call me instead.

Are you required to make a public appearance? Radio or TV interview?

Are you going to be facing a journalist for a prominent piece in a magazine?

Are you getting in front of a camera?  Perhaps your group is taking on the new, more engaging media platforms of YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, podcast?

Do you need to craft a powerful narrative?

Do you want a 360-degree full ‘ready for anything’ media planning, strategizing and execution package?

Are you facing a crisis and a statement needs to be made?

I’ve worked with hundreds of policy makers, investors, politicians, government ministers, celebrities, dignitaries, executive VPs, thoughts leaders, chairmen, presidents and royalties.

From bunkers to boardrooms, personal planes to private Palaces, I’ve worked with some of the most powerful players and groups, helping them plan, strategize and effectively execute their media communication.

They call for my services, because they know that I’m the guy who doesn’t chit chat.  Tell me the situation. Tell me what we’ve got. Tell me how much time we have.  We get to work – Results, delivered.

Preparation. Strategizing. Practicing. Perfecting. These are measures taken by leading groups who understand the significance of media training.  They know that their spokespersons are the face of their brand.  

Your spokespersons need to be calm, confident, sharp and on point.

If you (or someone in your organization is) the spokesperson,

How well are you presenting your company results to investors?

Are your senior executives well trained to craft their key messages before their quarterly meeting?

How effective is your communication with stakeholders?

Is your message fresh enough to stand out in what is a loud and crowded market place?

From investor communication to handling difficult media questions, your spokespersons need to be ready before they are required to do so.

“The crisis you have to worry about most is the one you don’t see coming.”

Mike Mansfield


Smart individuals and groups invest in their media training before the need arises.

Invest in your future.  

Invest in being ready.  

Because when you are asked to get on a TV interview, speak at a panel on stage or do a face to face interview, there is no time for preparation.

You must be ready. On Point with your Key Message. At any given time.

Interviews are high stakes.  

Many avoid it. Smart and trained individuals embrace it.

How you come across dramatically affects the outcome.

If you are unnatural, tense, unlikeable, shaky and incoherent, you will be remembered- for destroying your personal and group’s brand value.

If you are coherent, relaxed, controlled and natural, you will be liked.  You will be memorable. You will elevate your personal and group’s brand value.

The difference is simple but profound.  Strong Media Training.

Giving you a plan, teaching you the skills and practicing with you until you deliver an A+ result is what I do.

Can I help you with planning and executing your communication strategy?

  1. Confidential and Boutique one on one media coaching for leaders?
  2. Media training courses customized for your senior executives?
  3. In house media training seminars for strategic communication to journalists?
  4. Media training workshops for crisis or reputation management?


Interviewing with the press shouldn’t be daunting.  

It should be deemed as an opportunity, whatever the context maybe.  

Seize it.


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