Leadership Skills

Leadership is often talked about.  Many will boast about the books that line the shelves of their library.  And time and time again, we continue to see the challenge of leadership present itself.

How can you lead in the environment today? What style actually works? How do you motivate a generation that is used to having everything they need? How do you influence those to your way of thinking? How can you get everyone’s buy-in towards a vision when many rarely hold down their jobs for two years before jumping ship? How can you build a tribe? How can you get loyalty?  How do you even become seen and respected as a leader?

These are real questions and challenges faced by professionals from every sector of the workforce. Whoever you are, whichever your industry, whatever you do, a great leader must understand the nature of today’s beast.

In the words of Margaret Thatcher, “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t!”

By now, you would have noticed some distinctive characteristics of great leaders.

You may even be in awe of them.

Confidence? They’ve got it.  They exude it.

Charisma? People gravitate to them- oh so naturally.

Influence?  They have an unbelievable ability to get people to move mountains.  What’s a nightmare for most, to great leaders, swaying people is effortless.

Respect? Definitely. The best leaders aren’t in the business of being loved, but they damn sure are respected.

Support base? People do more for them in their absence than in their presence.  Great leaders have devotees with unquestionable loyalty. Die-hard fans.

Presence? Evident.

Power? You bet. They have an aura about them. Not a single word needs to be said.  But everyone can feel it.

So the logical question then becomes, can you become a great leader? Can your people be great leaders?

Before I answer that, I want to you to for a moment just imagine- what if the above were the characteristics others described of you and the people in your organization?

Because everything I have said above and much more may seem like a blessing for the destined few, but these characteristics that can all be learned.

Which means, great leadership can be attained, if you are willing to learn, apply and devote yourself to a certain way of living – a leader’s way of living.

Our Deepest Fear


Jarod Kintz says, “Leadership is being the first egg in the omelet.”

And when pause and think about it (after a little giggle), it makes sense.  Today, everyone has heard about and knows that they need to lead by example.  But when and where does the leadership journey begin?

Is it from the time you sign up to be the captain of your sports team?

Is it when you are made in charge of a division?

Perhaps you’re thinking you need to cross 5 year mark with a company?

Are you waiting for the title of “Chief” is bestowed upon you?

When do you take on the role of a leader?

When do you become the first egg in the omelet?


There is no set time for leadership.

There is no tenure that you need to clock.

There is no magic title that turns you into a great leader over-night.

Most important of all, no one can make you or tell you to be a leader.

The truth is simple.  

Leadership begins when you want it to.

Leadership is a choice.

It starts with you.

It starts within you.

You have to realize the importance of leadership. And after nearly two decades of teaching on this subject, I will tell you right now, you either get it, or you don’t.

You need to make an effort to develop your (and your team’s) leadership skills.

Where ever you maybe in an organization, here’s the bottom line- you’re in charge.

It’s your ship.

Understand this.

Decide that it is.

Act like it is.

No one will sail your ship for you.

You are captain and chief commander.

Give me a call and let’s help you lead your ship to a bright horizon.


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